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In addition to its programming on the cable channel, TWC also maintains an online presence at and through a set of mobile smartphone and tablet computer applications.Anyone know what to do if that widget stops working. That app do not support GPS location setting, it can only search the location manually to add it my friend. And could you mind use your cellphone to share a internet hotspots out, and then use the radio to connect to the cellphone's hotspots to update the info to check? You can install other weather app to use, just set the widget in the second page of the homescreen, just as I mentioned on the previous reply, hope you can understand! Cause if it is, then when you checking at setting---app---weather info., you may found that is the version 6.0 now.Looks pretty good..there are weather warnings is there an indicator on the widget ? - Warnings are coming in a future version of the free app- The Geo Location stuff is up to the handset as far as I know, we make a request to the device for a location and it determines it based on wifi/towers/gps. - Some customisation of widgets is also planned for the next version of free app.- I'll look into that Townsville radar issue and get it switched over. Yes we have a paid APP in in planning / early development with all those additional features you've all requested (and no adverts). Below is a list of the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) Yes the Met Office Weather Forecast app is free to download from both the App Store and Google Play Store.Another thing I notice with some other application is that the location is derived from which phone tower(s) your connected to.

You need to check the tariff you are on with your mobile operator.

-Experience weather conditions for rain, snow, fog and extreme heat with animated weather effects.

Helpful tips:-Scroll down for detailed weather information.-Tap the plus sign to add up to 20 cities.-Swipe left-to-right to move between locations.-Submit your photos to Yahoo Weather by joining #projectweather on Flickr. -update- I've been using this for a couple of years now. The BB version is close in terms of how the information is presented but has one huge flaw: you can't add multiple locations.

The app is not yet available for i Pad or Android tablet.

If you continue to experience problems downloading the app, it may be a problem related to your App Store or Google Play account.

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