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Now let me get this straight -- you and Allegra didn't even see photos of each other and you got together for a date?

She didn't even know what you looked like and here she was giving you her number? Wasn't that a little dangerous, with all the wackos running around out there? That aside, I have to say that you acted perfectly on your first date.

With just three months to complete the challenge, I actively pursued dates.

I even went so far as to advertise for them on Facebook! As a result, I didn't struggle to find men to date.

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But their rejections say nothing about the value and worthiness of the person they reject :) Good luck and have fun!I can't say for all men and women, but from what I have learned in life, all I can comment is that if a man truly love a woman unconditionally, he will not care if she has a child or not. There are men who have their own children already so they don't mind to date other single parents.There are men who don't mind other women that have children. But there single dads may only want to date women without children.One of those insufferable TED talks was making the rounds last week. Not once, though, have I ever heard someone tell a man, “Dude, why are you dating her?The gist of it was that 30 is not the new 20, and that grown women really ought to be getting their sh*t together in their 20s. Don’t refuse to get a full-time job as an excuse to figure out who you are. She’s such a loser.” The more I think about why, the more depressing the can of worms becomes (and a can full of worms should be depressing enough on its own).

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