Dating 101 how to balance the power in your relationship

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There was once a time when you and your Psych 101 classmate could go from hitting the books to hitting the sheets without having to define “where this is going.” But if you’re older, somewhat wiser, and still not ready for commitment, what’s a guy to do?

“Post-college you may still have female friends who really want to get laid but have a hard time finding a guy they can trust with whom to have that relationship,” says relationship expert Natasha Burton, author of You may already have an idea of which of your gal pals could be game to be friends with benefits.

This is when a person can imagine how someone is feeling, but they don’t feel their emotions.

She shared this example: A husband notices his wife looks upset and asks if she’s OK. He responds with “Wow, that sounds really frustrating.”“Cognitive empathy allows us to appreciate someone else’s feelings without feeling them or losing sight of whose feelings are whose,” Sigal said.

Last month I launched a new weekly podcast series featuring real conversations with some of the most progressive people I know.

I felt interviewing my own friends — many of whom live very full lives — just didn’t get deep enough into who they really are, nor did it address the matters that concern them on a daily basis; therefore the idea of reconnecting with everyone, having an intimate conversation, and sharing it with anyone who wanted to listen in was very appealing.

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Every show is jam packed with straight to the point, actionable tips and insights that will propel you forward to become more successful in your life.Below is a show list of every interview as well as an incredible gold mine of resources to help you live better.Prepare to become the most powerful version of yourself with the most popular podcast for men today.01: Hal Elrod, an Unbelievable Story and the Miracle Morning that Will Change Your Life02: Ross Jeffries the Godfather of the Seduction Community Shares All03: Robert Greene: Discover Yourself and Master Anything to Get the Life You Want04: Wayne Levine: Become the Man You Were Born to Be05: Pejman Ghadimi: 6 Figures by 18, Millionaire by 25 and on a Mission to Help Entrepreneurs Worldwide06: David Wygant: Love Yourself, Be Authentic and Attract the Woman of Your Dreams07: Kyle Ballarta: Why the World Needs You to Unleash Your Inner Artist08: Richard La Ruina: How to Effortlessly Attract the Women You Want09: Greg S.And as a close friend of Kate’s — who is another self-reliant, freethinking individual — I couldn’t help but inquire about how she manages being a wife and mother.“I am still working through the transition,” she confided.

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