Do i restart named after updating zone file

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Everyone in the world has a first name and a last, or family, name.

The same thing is true in the DNS world: A family of Web sites can be loosely described a domain.

If you suspect that the contents in the cache of your recursive server are incorrect due to a deliberate cache-poisoning attack, then we recommend that you:- Dump your cache (for future investigation) using For assistance with problems and questions for which you have not been able to find an answer in our Knowledge Base, we recommend searching our community mailing list archives and/or posting your question there (you will need to register there first for your posts to be accepted).These may be as a result of an error made by a zone administrator, or as a result of a deliberately engineered cache poisoning attack.For cache problems relating to The resulting file may be of significant size.Please do not hesitate to send us your questions and wishes. Support for Registered Users (Customer Support): https:// Support for Trial and Freeware Software: https:// reason might be one or more fragmented files, which are locked during run-time. Running a boot-time defrag with O&O Defrag might solve this problem, as the file(s) are not locked before the system starts and O&O Defrag can Defragment these files, too.Another reason might be a lack of contiguous free space available on your hard disk partition.

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