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at the top and plug it into a RSS reader such as tiny tiny RSS and it will display it in a readable format that will give you the latest updates.From your homepage or where ever your posts appear, simply add “/rss” or “/feed” to your After your students have set up domains and have added their domain links to the site (see further steps) you may want only their links to show up in the Links widget area instead of All Links.For syndication we recommend using Feed Word Press, a free plugin.Alternatively, students may create their own corners of the web and visit and comment on each others’ sites.Readers of the RSS feed don't get the update and miss the new information.I am looking for a way which issues back the post to the RSS-feed as if it was a new post (with an put after the post title, preferably).Facebook recently increased their restrictions on certain types of user content posted to groups.

Even if post is changed and brought back into feed its identifier remains the same and it is treated as read by RSS client.

Yes, it’s really close to number 0.6 and initially I was hoping I wouldn’t have to include another release before that, but I have encountered lately a number of important bugs that needed fixing.

Most important fix is that in a number of circumstances posts would filter normally when called manually, but would fail when a cron was doing the updating.

Today we are releasing a new tool that will enable you to post Guardian articles directly to your blog.

You can add your own commentary to an article and then publish the article in full with only a few restrictions (more on that below).

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