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Robbie Stanley-Smith tells us what he discovered during his moment in the spotlight.

At the beginning of last November, a Chinese teacher and colleague at my school sent me a message on We Chat (the Chinese near-equivalent of Whats App) asking if I was looking for a girlfriend in China.

It’s a much friendlier and less financially-focused way to offer, in my opinion.

Throw in a “don’t worry about it,” (noh teh preh-oh-coo-pehs) for an added touch of coolness.

I find myself crouching on a small, circular platform, clutching a microphone, breathing heavily and trying to listen to the voices of the hosts and the previous contestant, but understanding nothing.Men of Spanish descent have beautiful big eyes, luscious lips and thick hair.Since they are right off the coast, they have this olive skin that keeps a natural bronzed glow all year long.I feel like I'm trapped inside a Transformer which has just woken up.the new dating show created by La Competencia Producciones, which will be launched in Spain by Mediaset, has been the only spanish format chosen among the most 25 original worldwide and one of the most wanted by the French renowned agency THE WIT.

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