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Like painters and writers before them, filmmakers have always been drawn to the blue waters of the Mediterranean.

Just as American film producers flocked to the bright, desert light of Los Angeles in the early days of cinema, so the warm climate of southern Europe, and the endless pictorial opportunities provided by clear skies, tumbling cliffsides and the infinite expanse of sea, has provided cinematic allure from the silent era to the present day. With the rise of leisure culture throughout the 20th century, holidaymakers flocked to the Mediterranean in their droves – pilgrims in search of the holy holiday trinity of sun, sea and sand.

Being Vegan is a political statement, as is using green how we can live anti establishment- it is PUNK to not follow the bewildered herd-we are blessed to live where we can make these forward thinking choices— we must for those that can’t—the more vegan we are- the less world hunger…

less poverty, better for the environment There are so many health benefits- vegan is NOT boring— please come see me at my restaurant …

In holiday terms, this may be the best movie ever made about the chasm between our expectations of foreign climes, and the earthy, difficult-to-prepare-for reality.

So slip into your swimwear, rub on the factor 15, and bask in some cinematic sunshine.It’s simple, down to earth and as far from the perceived St Tropez as it possibly gets.Like the movie stars who put it on the map, St-Tropez is smaller in the flesh than you might imagine.Tonight one of my big dreams come true—It is opening night at La Table du Marche by Pamela My first Vegan restaurant with my favorite chef - Christophe Leroy Christophe and I met at a fundraiser in Paris- He catered the event with the most beautiful Vegan food I have ever had— we sat and discussed doing a pop up restaurant for 50 days during the busy season in St Tropez- So many people come to St Tropez from all over the world— I hope that sharing this sexy experience will ignite hearts and minds to veganism-Eating meat is one of the leading causes of global warming - factory farming must be left in the past—Eating meat also leads to impotency- a vegan diet is better for your sex life— and I am very focused on the aphrodisiac qualities of a plant based diet— all the food in my restaurant is designed to create love- by not harming any life and bringing joy into the bedroom…and the world…the atmosphere is very romantic and playful— I have performances, champagne, swings - good music..chandeliers, candles in the garden- it is an experience -We hope to make people fall in love with each other and compassionate eating..

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