Updating the os on the iphone

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It's still in the testing phase, and Apple is using regular folks like you and me to test it out before it's tweaked and released to the public in its final version. At today’s Apple event, the tech giant unveiled, among other things, a new operating system for the i Phone and i Pad. It’s not that much different from the previous OS, 9.2.1.But even if you're sick of your phone prompting you to let it update every few hours, the changes within i OS 9.3 are definitely important. Most importantly, i OS 9.3 fixes a critical security bug in i Messages.Without the fix, photos and videos you send to other i Phone users are susceptible to an attack that allows hackers to obtain your encryption key.If they don’t work for you, then contact us by completing our i Phone issues questionnaire.i OS 9, Apple's new software for the i Phone and i Pad is available to download from today, and including improvements to digital assistant Siri, improved battery life and new transit information.The bespoke San Francisco typeface debuted on the Apple Watch, and is slightly more compact than its Helvetica predecessor.The new font is at its most apparent when using the new keyboard, as it now offers lowercase and uppercase keysets, while i OS 8 only deployed lowercase, leaving you to double-tap the shift key to start using capital letters.

Try to find problems that are similar with yours and use the solutions we suggested.It will require 1.3GB of free space to download, compared to i OS 8's 4.58GB.The first thing you'll probably notice about i OS 9 is that the typeface has changed - albeit subtly.This early version of i OS, which may differ from the version released in the fall when the next i Phone launches, offers changes to Siri, improvements to the Maps app, and better search tools. But how will the upgrades fair on older devices, like the i Phone 5S?Is it a good idea to upgrade to the new software before the final version is released?

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