Validating a group of checkboxes in asp net

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For example, imagine that you had a questionnaire that asked the user a number of questions in radiobutton and checkbox form.

Imagine that you had a series of checkboxes that corresponded to the hobbies sports, reading, and swimming, and you asked the ready to check all hobbies that he enjoyed.

For example, in a Web site like where users are entering shipping and billing information, it is vital that the user enter credit card numbers, zip codes, email addresses, and other information in an acceptable format.

With classic ASP, performing form field validation was annoying, at best. NET fixes all of this by its use of validation Web controls. NET Web controls designed specifically to validate form field entries. NET contains a Required Field Validation control, which, as its name suggests, can be used to ensure that the user enters a value into a form field (such as a Text Box). NET provides the following form field validation controls: This article does not aim to discuss the specifics of all of these validation Web controls.

For instance, if I checked all the boxes, will not be set, so use the “empty” function to check for this case.

I don’t go deeper here as anyway you see later why we made this step.

Whatever you use in your MVC application – domain classes or mapped models – we need something static where we can link extension methods we will write at later steps.

You can set the value to be a ‘1’ or ‘on’ instead of ‘Yes’.

Make sure the check in the PHP code is also updated accordingly.

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