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wigs, maybe, but not the cape” — and then erupts in tears, telling the folks who’ve gathered that she’s “having a hard time finding the justice in this.” I sure hope she’s looking at Lydia when she says it, too. Savi’s not there, though, but only because she’s more than eight months pregnant and in Malaysia, so a hat tip to the show’s writers for not conveniently forgetting their MIA character’s deep connection with the dearly (but hopefully not entirely) departed.

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(Milano famously exited ahead of Season 3, citing her reluctance to uproot her two young children and separate her family.) The door remains open, however, for Milano to make a guest appearance later in the season, according to a show insider.

Meanwhile, Tabrett Bethell ( Fans might recall that Bethell’s Kate appeared once before, in a Season 2 episode where Harry considered moving back to Australia and taking over the beachside seafood shack he loved throughout his childhood.

Her return presumably fills a “fourth mistress” void created by the show’s decision to make Jennifer Esposito’s Calista a “one-year character.” We hear that Kate will return from Down Under in search of love, but find it in all the wrong places — a fact that will cause tension between herself and Harry (Brett Tucker), herself and Joss (Jes Macallan), and even Joss and Harry.

America may have grown to love Alyssa Milano as the sassy daughter on “Who’s the Boss?

” and then been even more enchanted with her character on “Charmed,” but there’s plenty you still don’t know about the successful sitcom actress.

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