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Some of the best shopping malls are here too, while backpacker hub Jalan Jaksa is full of budget hotels and affordable restaurants and cafes.

At the west is where you'll discover Old Jakarta, also known as Kota Tua.

Well-heeled South Jakarta is the city's most affluent area, with malls, hotels, restaurants and nightlife venues all catering to those with a penchant for the more extravagant.

At the opposite end of the spectrum is Kemang, a heady mix of backpackers and younger locals filling an increasingly trendier selection of lounges.

Despite the ubiquity, they continue to execute their coneys at a high level.

We may not have the swelling piano or the silky smooth pipes of Tim Allen, but here it goes: The Michigan road trip. A time to get out of the city and take in the wealth of beauty around us. And somewhere in between that first regrettable meal at Cracker Barrel and the awkward eye contact made with a trucker peeing in a Gatorade bottle while stuck on I-75, we find it.

As the oldest coney chain in the state, National still holds its own as a top dog (do we dare? You’ll find them in the city, in the suburbs, at the fair, and even at Detroit Metro Airport (eat before you fly at your own risk).Of course, there’re also plenty of sweet deals to score at the Birch Run outlets.Pro tip: If you’re shopping at Birch Run, skip the fast food and eat at Victor and Merek’s Deli Bakery and Pizzeria. Distance from Detroit: 140 miles West; 2-hour drive Why it made our list: It’s a brewery, foodie, West Michigan paradise. For dinner go to Food Dance; and for drinking (which is the real reason you’re coming here, anyway), head to Bell’s Brewery, Arcadia Brewing Company, and/or the Kalamazoo Beer Exchange. Distance from Detroit: 160 miles West; 2.5-hour drive Why it made our list: Much like Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids is a very good place for eating and drinking.But at the pinnacle of Detroit’s culinary creations stands the meaty, onion-topped, mustard-laced original that is the coney dog.From far and wide, people come to sample the city’s most beloved food, and though coneys can be found at literally hundreds of spots throughout the city and state, not all of them are created equal, which is why we’ve narrowed it down to 10 favorites that represent the highest in coney achievement.

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